Husqvarna Australia

Husqvarna Australia
Husqvarna Australia

Rider Battery Mower

Rider Battery Mower

536LiPT5 Pole Saw

536LiPT5 Battery Pole Saw

536LiLX Trimmer

536LiLX Battery Trimmer

536LiPX Pole Saw

536LiPX Battery Pole Saw

536LiLRX Trimmer

536LiLRX Battery Trimmer

536LiB Blower

536LiB Battery Blower

536LiBX Blower

536LiBX Battery Blower

T536Li XP Chainsaw

T536Li XP Battery Chainsaw

Hedge Trimmer

536LiHD60X Battery Hedge Trimmer

536Li XP Chainsaw

536Li XP Battery Chainsaw

Husqvarna Battery Power

Zero Carbon Emission Power Gardening

Husqvarna Battery Series is the environmentally friendly series in outdoor power gardening producing zero carbon emissions and less noise compared to petrol powered gardening equipment.

Footprint Gardens is the number one choice for power gardening; working with battery-driven machines, you’ll not only appreciate the absence of fumes and less noise but you will also be safe in the knowledge that we are Gardening for the Future.
This quiet and fumeless power gardening will be equally appreciated by your neighbours.

Husqvarna power gardening battery series are lightweight and well-balanced, allowing us to work comfortably in all situations for longer which means less downtime and a faster gardening experience.
Footprint Gardens uses Husqvarna battery series power gardening tools that includes battery powered chainsaws, leaf blowers, grass trimmers and hedge trimmers and more.

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Husqvarna Automower 430X

Husqvarna Automower 430X