Zero Emission Gardening

zero emission gardening

Zero Emission Gardening

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Footprint Gardens uses the latest state of the art cordless battery powered gardening equipment and technology. This renewable energy allows us to provide our customers with a zero emission gardening services that is clean and quiet. We use solar power energy that is attached to the company’s vehicles to charge our environmentally friendly gardening and landscaping equipment which earns Footprint Gardens the title of “Gardening for the Future.”

Battery powered gardening equipment is beneficial in noise sensitive areas such as retirement homes, offices, hospitals and high population density residential units. Not only is the noise reduced but there are no fumes which makes green technology the future of gardening.

There are many benefits of zero emission and most important is the environment. Climate change is real and it may or may not be caused by humans but one thing for sure is that humans are the solution. With sustainable gardening practices our gardening and maintenance services produce less noise and no pollution with commercial grade cordless electric equipment and organic fertilisers that eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides which benefits not only the occupants and neighbours but also the community with less noise and no soil pollution.

Mother Nature has provided us with a verdant paradise in Sydney, Australia and Footprint Gardens is committed to giving back to Mother Nature one garden at a time and allowing future generations to enjoy its bounties that we take for granted every day.

With Sydney summers getting hotter and hotter every year with severe high temperatures for weeks on end it is not enough to rely on rainfall to keep your gardens healthy and green which is why more and more residents and businesses are seeking professional irrigation and reticulation services to ensure lawns and gardens thrive all year round.

Worm Farms and composting will enable you to recycle your own organic waste into your own yard and garden beds which will produce nutrient rich products produced by composting and worm farms help your garden and soil retain water holding capacity which is a benefit in itself.

A healthy garden is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the mind. It has a therapeutic benefit which improves your wellbeing. Contact Footprint Gardens today for a cost effective gardening solution.

Footprint Gardens is an award winning gardening maintenace business.

Zero Emission Gardening
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